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Welcome to York Art Workers' Association

The York Art Workers' Association is an eclectic group of craftsmen, artists, conservators, academics and others who share a serious interest in the design of buildings, interiors and landscapes. Members represent architectural craftsmanship, other applied arts, fine arts, architecture and conservation. We welcome not only practitioners in these fields but anyone with a keen interest or appreciation of art & design.

We exist to extend and share our knowledge and experience through a programme of monthly talks at Jacob’s Well, normally on the first Monday of the month, doors open at 7pm. With an annual keynote address held at Tempest Anderson Hall, in the Museum Gardens. We also have occasional outings & social events. Our talks are open not only to members but anyone with an interest in the arts.


If you would like to know more about the association please feel free to get in contact where we will be happy to offer any advice on becoming a member.

Rob Oldfield, hard at work in his workshop