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The Artworkers meet every month throughout the year. Usually at Jacob's Well but also on outings. Traditionally the evening ends with a glass of port and lively discussion, being very much about companionship arising out of shared enthusiasm.

Membership and programme enquiries to:- Terry Brett, pyramidgallery2008@yahoo.co.uk, 43 Stonegate, York tel 01904 641187

A selection of current YAWA member's work

Jacqueline James link

Lesley Birch Link

Ben Arnup  link

Tim Pearce link

Carol Coleman link

Ann Petherick link

Isabel Denyer link

Janette Ray link

Jane Duke link

Ann Sotheran link

Pamela Dickinson link

Sophie Hamiltonlink

Martin Johnson link

Chris Topp link

Michelle Hughes Link

Chris Utley Link

Debbie Loane Link

Ruth Claydon Link

Terry Brett link

Anna Harding Link

Karen Thomas link

Lesley Seeger link

Caroline Lord

Edward Bacon link

Chrissie Dell Link

Francesca King Link

Charlotte Dawson Link

Emily Harvey link

Bethan Griffiths link

Liz Salter link

Charles Smith link

Saul Salter


Stan Sandig


Ainslie Waller

Peter Humpherson Link

John Kirkwood Link


Andy Griffiths


Colette Hennigan


Heather Dawe

Sarah Jackson Link

Sally Arnup link

Mandi Grant


Nick Allen

Linda Combi Link

Julie Lightburn Link


Jackie Lunn Link

Bernadette Oliver Link


Kate Pettitt Link


Robin Grover-Jacques Link

Judith Pollock Link

Ted Schofield Link

Lesley Shaw Link

Ilona Sulikova Link

David Tinkler

Julia Radford Wilkins


Hermione Crowe

Emma Whitelock Link